Programs at Bethany’s Gait

As more programs have risen in the tri-city area that focuses on providing daily equine-facilitated psychotherapy and mentor programs, we focus on strengthening the marriages and families of Veterans and First Responders. Our retreat model to open to heroes and their families, locally as well as nationwide. Please check our events page to see a list of the retreats we are currently taking reservations for.

Mustang to Wrangler Horsemanship

One client, one horse, one Wrangler (mentor) is our philosophy for this program. Clients work one on one with an experienced Wrangler and the horse of their choosing.  Our Wranglers aren’t chosen at random; clients are paired with the best match for them, whether it be a Veteran, First Responder, or a local horse person.

Through this program, clients are taught how to care for the horse, how to work with them on the ground, and how to ride. They work through four different levels of horsemanship skill – Mustang, Greenhorn, Maverick, and, finally, Wrangler. It takes about a year to get through all four levels as we want the client to strive for proficiency and in turn have a feeling of true accomplishment.

Each session is individualized to meet the client’s needs and designed to help them build a bond with their horse. This leads to greater confidence, elevated self-esteem, and a better understanding of what a healthy relationship looks like. We hold four 8-week session blocks each year. This program is open to adults and children 5 and over.

Equine Facilitated Coaching Sessions

We use a unique blend of horse communication techniques and herd dynamics to strengthen families and teams, build strong leadership skills, learn healthy boundaries and understand how a healthy relationship works. We provide individual, family and group sessions. Staff are trained/certified in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy & Wellness (EFCW).

Horse Rescue/Sanctuary

We provide a sanctuary for up to 10 horses who have been rescued from abandonment, abuse or neglect. Unless it is in the best interest of the horse to have an individual owner, we keep the horses for the rest of their lives. We ensure they get the best care possible, including regular farrier and dental care, as well as veterinary care whenever it is required.