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In the meantime, check out some of our old articles

Rest in Peace Sweet Allie!

In April our sweet mare Allie went over the rainbow bridge. In the eight years we had her, she was a shining light for countless children and adults. She always took care of her riders and was especially fond of children, stepping extra carefully when they were on her back. We will miss her confident, loving nature dearly but find solace in knowing she lived a long, happy life. Allie was 28. Run free in the green fields of heaven beautiful girl!

Words from the Director

So much has changed since I founded Bethany's Gait eight years ago. God put it on my heart to create a place where foster children and rescue horses could heal together through the unconditional love and understanding the two could share. What began as a mentor program for foster children grew to include at risk children and hurting adults. In 2010 we added programs specific to military and their families. We quickly grew to serving about 100 clients each month. If anyone had told me back in 2006 that I would move the program to Arizona and serve only military [...]

Catching Delilah

This morning I was putting fly masks on the horses as I do every morning. One of our 2 year olds, Delilah, decided she wasn’t going to have any of it. This is a common theme with little Delilah, not wanting to be caught, so we keep a halter on her. Generally, I can grab the halter and then put the mask on. Today she pulled away from me and wouldn’t let me get near her. If you know horses, you know if a horse decides not to be caught, you’ve got to keep going until you catch them. Otherwise [...]

Stepping Out in Faith…

It all started with a Facebook post two days before Thanksgiving in 2014. I was sitting at the MVD waiting to register my son’s truck when my sister tagged me in a post about two fillies who were about to go to slaughter…literally. They were set to be killed at noon that day. I looked at the time and my heart dropped; it was 12:45 p.m., they were already gone. Forlorn, I looked at the post again and realized the fillies were in Nevada. I was in Arizona; Nevada is an hour behind us. They still had 15 minutes! I [...]

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